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Boys Town Jerusalem’s founder, Rabbi Alexander Linchner, had a vision, to provide a refuge in Israel for children who survived the Holocaust and those who subsequently poured into Israel from around the world.

He wanted to build a school that took boys from limited backgrounds, and transformed them into young men with limitless futures, all able to contribute to the newly established Jewish State.

Thanks to his prodigious efforts,and the magnificent generosity of our supporters from across the world, that dream became reality in 1948. Today, everyone involved with Boys Town Jerusalem strives to uphold that vision.

We strive to support Israel’s most vulnerable children and bring out the best in each and every child. We strive to transform their lives by providing them with the tools and skills they require to live a constructive and happy life in the Jewish State.

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Summer Fun is a Necessity at Boys Town Jerusalem

Less than 24 hours after the close of the school year, the Boys Town campus is transformed into a dynamic, highly subsidized summer camp. “We don’t say good-bye to our students when school is out,” says Junior High Principal Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz. “For boys-at-risk, it is crucial to maintain continuity and to carry on providing the care, hot meals, and wholesome content to fill their summer days to the maximum. Rabbi Rosencrantz adds, “we don’t look upon this as a luxury for our boys, but as a necessity.”

The well-planned programme includes a wide range of sports, special activities on campus from treasure hunts to stilt races, an hour of Jewish studies, and day trips across Israel, plus freshly-cooked meals daily, something that is sadly lacking in many of the campers’ own homes.  In addition, the boys regularly travel to a produce warehouse to voluntarily packing food boxes for needy families.

“Camp’s been great,” said eighth grader Avi Cohen but, as Rabbi Rosencrantz notes, the most enthusiastic praise comes from parents. “Parents call to thank me every day for the great experiences their sons are having at camp. They’re grateful that the boys aren’t left to wander the streets during the summer break. One mother told me, “What you’re giving my son is simply invaluable.”

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